Shiva's World SOD Admin Commands

(Compilation and comments by [NuB]SkyCliff)

This is a list of the TELNET commands and their associated Help entries from a Shiva SOD (Server On Demand). Most of these commands will also work while in-game with admin rights by pressing [F8] and typing '-server-:$<command>'. Get admin rights in-game by pressing [F8] and typing '-server-:pass=<password>'. While in-game, use the [F6] menu to get player numbers, change teams, go to observermode, etc.

You can use a TELNET client such as HyperTerminal. Create a New Connection and name it something appropriate (Shiva SOD Admin). Click OK. In the 'Connect To' dialog box choose 'TCP/IP (WinSock)' in the 'Connect using' line. Enter the IP address in the 'Host Address' line. In the 'Port number' line enter the port number from your spawned SOD server (21xx to 29xx). Click OK. When the connection is made, press 'Enter' and you will be prompted for a password. Type in the Telnet password you entered when you cooked up your SOD. You're in! You are now the SOD god. ;-)

If you use HyperTerminal, when you close the HyperTerminal session you will be prompted to save the settings. Choose 'Yes' and a shortcut will be saved into your HyperTerminal menu folder. The next time you administer via TELNET, just click the shortcut. You will get a connection error. That's all right. Just click OK. Then click on the Properties button on the top of the HyperTerminal window and enter the port number of your latest SOD, click OK, and continue as above.

Input Command List:

Prefix a '$' before the commands listed below. To get more detailed help about a command, type '$help <command>'.
<pnum>=player number (ex:03 for player #3).
<pps>=packets per second (ex: 12).

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[Server Only] Turns off/on allowing clients to change their team.

Usage: "$allowteamchange <off/on>"

[Server Only] Turns off/on allowing the automatic team placement of new players by the server.

Usage: "$autobalance <off/on>"

Enables/Disables the automatic saving of the game stats if you Disconnect from the server.

Usage: "$autosavedisconnect <on/off>"


Enables/Disables the automatic saving of the game stats when the level ends.

Usage: "$autosavelevel <on/off>"


[Server Only] Automatically balances the teams, based on seniority.

Usage: "$balance"


[Server Only] Bans a player from the game.

Usage: "$ban <pnum>"


[Dedicated Server Only] Lists the players banned from the game along with their ban number, which can be used to remove the ban.

Usage: "$banlist"


[Server Only] Forces a player to a team.

Usage: "$changeteam <pnum> <team_name>"


[Server Only] Ends the level.

Usage: "$endlevel"


Displays help information for the input commands.

Usage: "$help [command]"


Sets your personal level for the HUD name filter.

Usage: "$hudnames <full/team/none>"

NOTE: You can only set your HUD Callsign level up to the level that the server is. So if the server is only allowing up to teammates, you won't be able to set to full.


[Server Only] Kicks a player from the game.

Usage: "$kick <pnum>"


Sets the kill message filter for the style of messages desired.

Usage: "$killmsgfilter <full/simple/none>"

Displays the network game information.

Usage: “$netgameinfo”

Output Example:

NetGame Information
Game Name: SOD-Test-Do Not Enter
Mission Name: bedlam.mn3
Script Name: Anarchy
PPS: 10
Max Players: 3
Accurate Weapon Collisions: Off
Send Rotational Velocity: Off
Time Limit: 30 minutes
Time Left: 25:01 minutes
Goal: 50 points
Respawn Time: 30 seconds
Packet Loss: N/A
Network Model: Client/Server 


If you pass specify 'on', it puts you into observer mode, else it will return you back to normal mode.

Usage: "$observer <on/off>"


Puts you into Piggyback Observer mode.

Usage: "$piggyback <pnum>"


Displays information about a player, including IP address.

Usage: "$playerinfo <pnum>"


[Dedicated Server Only] Displays a list of the players in the game, with their player numbers.

Usage: "$players"


[Server Only] Rehashes the hosts.allow and hosts.deny files. First it flushes the old, and reloads them.

Usages: "$rehash"

[Client Only] Handles a remote admin command.

Usage: "$remote <command> <option parms> <...>"


[Server Only] Handles enable/disable remote administration.

Usage: "$remoteadmin <on/off>""


[Server Only] Handles seeing who is logged in, and allows the server to log them out. If no parameter is given, it lists all the players logged in. To log out a player, give the login-id as a parameter.

Usage: "$remoteadminlogout [login-id]"


[Server Only] Handles setting/changing the remote administration password.

Usage: "$remoteadminpass <password>"


[Dedicated Server Only] Removes a ban from a player, given the number associated with them from $banlist.

Usage: "$removeban <player>"


Saves the game stats to file immediately.

Usage: "$savestats"


Displays the scores or stats of the game.

Usage: "$scores"


[Server Only] Sets the highest HUD name filter permitted for the clients.

Usage: "$serverhudnames <full/team/none>"


[Server Only] Changes the goal limit for the level.

Usage: "$setgoallimit <points>"


[Server Only] Sets the maximum number of players allowed in the game.

Usage: "$setmaxplayers <count>"


[Server Only] Changes the Packets Per Second (PPS) threshold of the game.

Usage: "$setpps <pps>"


[Server Only] Changes the respawn time of the powerups in the level.

Usage: "$setrespawntime <seconds>"


[Server Only] Changes the name of a team.

Usage: "$setteamname <team_num> <new_team_name>"


[Server Only] Changes the time limit for the level.

Usage: "$settimelimit <minutes>"


Enables/Disables random statistical messages.

Usage: "$statmsgs <on/off>"


Change teams for yourself.

Usage: "$team <team_name>"


[Dedicated Server Only] Handles a request to make all clients wait/or stop waiting. If a time is given, the server will wait that long in each level before clients are allowed to play.

Usage: "$wait <on/off or time-in-seconds>"


[Server Only] Changes the current level to another level in the mission.

Usage: "$warp <level>"

I found two Telnet commands that do not need the '$' in front of them. They are 'say' and 'quit'. Use 'say' to issue text chat to all players in the game you are administering. Usage:"say Hello". Use 'quit' to take down the SOD, disconnect all players, and write the stats to PXO and your netgames folder.  Stat files in your netgames folder can be viewed with any text editor.

Thank you for your indulgence,


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