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Are you afraid of the dark? Get Vertigo? Have to hold the gun in your hand? If so, Descent is not for you Ground Pounder! This AINT MS Flight simulator either. This is 360 degrees of rotation flying. That's right, X, Y, and Z axis.

What do you think your getting yourself into? Check this page out for a few screen shots, and this one for a video clip, along with some other game info.

Want to know more FlyBoy? Do you think you can HANDLE it? New to the game? Need some help? Feel free to write me. Requests for hacks, cheats, or other forms of foul play will be ignored. You need the 1.4 patch to play ON-LINE!!!

Old timers returning to the game: With the loss of PXO, we are now using IRC Chat, and Game Trackers as a replacement. D3 game servers are still running, as well as several TeamSpeak voice servers.

First time playing Descent 3? Click here.

Need help getting started on-line? Click here


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Descent ][, Briefing

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11/30/2013 - Descent 1 & 2 Missions added

I have incresed my support to now include Descent 1 & 2 missions. They can be found in the download section.

11/19/2013 - Missions list updated

Updated the Descent 3 downloadable Missions to 594 total.

11/13/2013 - Descent 3 Update

Descent is still alive. Join us on IRC at and join #descent3 (English) or and join #descent (German) port 6667 for either. Download Vortex (for the PC) from , use mIRC PC client, or even one of the many apps on your Smart Phone to join in on the sparse chat. I use th free Android app, AndroIRC

Do Checkor has set up a SOD (Server on Demand). More information to come.

BOZ games are games with Bots. I have not played in any of these levels so I will have to update as I learn.

05/27/2006 - D3 Sites/Content

If there is, or anyone knows of any D3 sites, or sites that are going to remove D3 content, please let me know so I can see if the content can be hosted here.

03/19/2006 - No FLA Lan

Due to the predicted increase in Tropical Cyclone activity, I will not be planning a LAN Party this summer. I had two major hits (Katrina and Wilma) last year, and as of this writing, still do not have my repairs done.

12/16/2005 - Server Upgrades

The past couple of days I have been trying to upgrade this poor old server (AMD 1700) to a faster one. I got a Chieftek Server case from TigerDirect for $9.99 (it had a cracked window), and am using my old AMD 2800 (333fsb) cpu with Syntax mobo.

05/26/2005 - Florida LAN

Did I mention the LAN in Florida, July 30-31 ?

04/01/2005 - FAQ is on the way

How do you join a network game? Soon to come, A step by step guide to give you the answer to this, and other common questions.

2/15/2005 - Vortex 2.0 (Beta)

It looks like Skorpion (aka Thomas Parth) has the replacement to PXO chat , (and MORE) that DESCENT 3 has needed! Not only does it list the games being served, but it connects to the popular IRC chat channels, Launches and joins you to the game of your choice. View it here, Get it HERE!

9/26/2004 - 10/17/2004 A long overdue overhaul has been done.

PXO is down, and gone. Time to get some real useful information in here, and clear out the old


How to find the on-line games


How to find the on-line people


VORTEX looks like it might be the answer to GLMax/Gate. Download it HERE.


The Windows XP Pro IIS service keeps going off-line. I have upgraded the server to Windows Server 2003 to resolve this problem.

5/23/2004 - PXO IS DOWN!

To join the backup chat (GLMax no longer works) you must get an IRC Client for your computer, and join port 6667 Channel #descent3rookie. If you don't have one, or cant figure them out, copy this link into your browser

Need Java? Click here to visit the Java Web page for a FREE Download

To join games, you must use TCP/IP method. To get game addresses, you can use the Descent Game Tracker to view games already running.

I will post more information as it become available.

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What is Descent 3?

Click HERE to see a nice video from the last CaliFest D3 Summer Jam, or HERE for the Interplay D3 trailer.

Released On Friday, June 18th, 1999, this on-line, and single player game is still played today.

The gut-wrenching Descent saga continues with more pulse-pounding action than ever before.  Dive into massive subterranean strongholds and experience a whole new degree of freedom, as you careen through canyons and craters on the surface above... powered by the all-new Fusion engine.  Test your piloting skills against an army of battle-drones and assault-bots using an extensive arsenal of tactics and heavy firepower.  Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Descent universe, filled with new friends and old enemies, as the plot twists and turns with each daring mission.  Prepare yourself for an explosive new 3D action experience that will turn your world INSIDE... OUT!


From the innovative 360-degree 3D technology to a new control system, gamers face a new challenge as they attempt to conquer a new way to play first-person action games.


 True physics modeling includes better collision detection, secondary physical effects, and varying degrees of gravity per world.


Every creature has personality that will get under your skin, and its AI is tailored to its unique environment.


In-depth, environmentally diverse levels with multiple objectives for each mission.


New, real-time lighting model capable of colored, volumetric, and specular lighting effects which graphically enhance the experience.


Fly New ships, complete with their own unique performance characteristics, graphical appearances, and abilities.


New weapons including a napalm cannon (a flame thrower device used to incinerate an opponent).


Create, play through, and trade your own custom levels/missions with the new Descent 3 mission builder.


Multiplayer support over LAN, modem, or TCP/IP.

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This site is under construction. Email  for content suggestions or problems to


bulletSupport for suggested and required programs
bulletIRC Chat program
bulletDescent 3 (on Line)
bulletHelp Recruit new Pilots
bulletTo provide a positive atmosphere
bulletTo promote fair game play
bulletTo have fun!

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