Thank you for submitting your sponsorship request to BAWLS Guarana.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to sponsor your event because of one or more of the reasons that are stated in the submissions page. Please read through it carefully and feel free to submit another request whenever you feel you can meet all of the requirements!  Best of luck!

Reasons of denial:
- No website provided or the website
- the site is not working properly
- Not a computer/video game related event.
- You have already been sponsored before (if so please write to the contact you previously had or to for further info)
- We do not sponsor clans, teams or individuals ... only events
-Your site shows an existing beverage sponsor. Bawls Guarana requires
exclusive sponsorship
- You might be a gaming center, in which case refer to the Gaming Center area of

 We cannot offer sponsorship outside of the US. To purchase cases outside of the US please contact your local distributor.